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ResidenceTypeBathsTotal SFNet Rent*AffordableFloor Plan
2012 Bedrooms21132$2,425.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
2021 Bedroom1595$1,875.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
2031 Bedroom1595$1,875.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
2041 Bedroom1740$1,975.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
2051 Bedroom1812$2,225.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
2061 Bedroom1814$2,210.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
2071 Bedroom1684$2,175.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
2081 Bedroom1800$2,210.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
2091 Bedroom1802$2,225.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
2101 Bedroom1632$1,910.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
2111 Bedroom1618$1,910.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
2121 Bedroom1676$1,910.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
2131 Bedroom1751$1,910.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
2142 Bedrooms21217$2,425.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
2151 Bedroom1746$1,975.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
3012 Bedrooms21149$2,425.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
3021 Bedroom1595$1,875.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
3031 Bedroom1595$1,875.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
3041 Bedroom1741$1,975.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
3051 Bedroom1813$1,975.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
3061 Bedroom1814$1,960.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
3071 Bedroom1684$1,925.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
3081 Bedroom1800$1,960.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
3091 Bedroom1803$1,975.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
3101 Bedroom1624$1,910.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
3111 Bedroom1618$1,910.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
3121 Bedroom1676$1,910.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
3131 Bedroom1753$1,910.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
3142 Bedrooms21219$2,425.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
3151 Bedroom1746$1,975.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
3161 Bedroom1807$1,975.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
4012 Bedrooms21149$2,425.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
4021 Bedroom1595$1,875.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
4031 Bedroom1595$1,875.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
4041 Bedroom1741$1,925.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
4051 Bedroom1613$1,975.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
4061 Bedroom1814$1,960.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
4071 Bedroom1684$1,925.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
4081 Bedroom1800$1,960.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
4091 Bedroom1803$1,975.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
4101 Bedroom1624$1,910.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
4111 Bedroom1618$1,910.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
4121 Bedroom1676$1,910.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
4131 Bedroom1753$1,910.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
4142 Bedrooms21219$2,425.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
4151 Bedroom1746$1,925.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
4161 Bedroom1807$1,975.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
5012 Bedrooms21149$2,450.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
5021 Bedroom1585$1,900.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
5031 Bedroom1595$1,900.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
5041 Bedroom1741$1,950.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
5051 Bedroom1813$2,000.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
5061 Bedroom1814$1,985.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
5071 Bedroom1684$1,950.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
5081 Bedroom1800$1,985.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
5091 Bedroom1803$2,000.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
5101 Bedroom1624$1,935.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
5111 Bedroom1618$1,935.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
5121 Bedroom1676$1,935.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
5131 Bedroom11219$2,450.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
5142 Bedrooms21219$2,450.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
5151 Bedroom1746$1,950.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
5162 Bedrooms2807$2,000.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
Test projectStudio21219$2,450.00-ViewPrintSchedule a Tour
*Net effective rent advertised. Pricing is subject to change without advance notice. Please contact a leasing agent to receive latest availability and pricing.

Striker Apartment Leasing

Striker Apartment Leasing is the exclusive leasing company for Mosaic on Main. Established in 2019 as an addition to Striker Investment Realty, Striker Apartment Leasing provides a blended range of services that include real apartment leasing and property management.

Guided by renowned industry leaders Michelle Streicher and Brian Jaffe, Striker’s veteran team offers personalized support and deep knowledge like none other. From filling out paperwork and screening candidates to attending showings and narrowing the apartment search, Striker Apartment Leasing streamlines the process for both owners and renters.



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